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Critical indicators of a fraudulent supplement manufacturing company


Naturally, you want to locate a trustworthy, knowledgeable manufacturer that offers a decent deal if you’re looking for one to make supplements for your business. Unfortunately, there are so many purported “supplement manufacturers” vying for your business that it can be challenging to determine which one is the greatest fit for your requirements.

Even worse, you might be astonished that many of these businesses aren’t even actual manufacturers. They operate more as a “middleman” than anything else by contracting out the manufacturing to another company. This is the same reason supplement manufacturers’ prices frequently vary greatly—sometimes by as much as $10,000 from one business to the next. So what do you do?

In the same way that there are particular characteristics to seek in a reliable supplement manufacturer, there are some “red flags” to watch out for in your search that can point to a dishonest manufacturing firm.

Distribution only certification

When searching for a supplement manufacturer to hire, the manufacturing certification is the sole accreditation you should genuinely be looking for. This demonstrates that the business has satisfied specific requirements and laws that permit them to produce supplements on-site rather than buying them in bulk from another manufacturer and selling them to you.

A company is either acting as a distributor or a packager for another manufacturer if it does not have a manufacturing certificate but does have a storage/distribution or packaging certificate. Again, you will see bigger markups, so you probably don’t want to deal with this.

Bigger markups

Analyze the estimate you obtain after requesting a quote from the business.Is the quoted price substantially higher than the quotes you’ve gotten from other companies or what you’ve observed to be “the norm” in the sector?

If so, this might indicate that you’re dealing with a distributor rather than the manufacturer. The company is most likely buying bulk supplements from another supplier and trying to pass them off as theirs while trying to sell you the products, which is more likely what is happening. Your final markup will be significantly higher as a result.

Transparency is lacking.

A trustworthy manufacturer should be ready to show you that dealing with them is worth the time and money you’ve invested in them. Inquire about visiting the facility.

The ideal manufacturer will be pleased to show you around and introduce you to the workers who make and package your branded products. Ask for product samples, and request to access the batch and cleaning logs. RUN if your talks with the manufacturer leave you perplexed or unable to obtain the required information.

No former customers are prepared to attest to their reputation.

Premium producers can offer client testimonials proving they fulfill their commitments. You should be able to contact former customers to verify the manufacturer’s record of success. It’s difficult to predict whether a manufacturer will be a trustworthy partner if they don’t have a roster of happy clients and popular products.

the takeaway

Regardless of the path you choose, the most important thing is to ensure you’re working with a business that is open and honest about what it offers.

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