Power of Nutritional

The Power of Nutritional Coaching and Retreats


A mind-restoring retreat may be what you need if you’re feeling stuck or struggling to find purpose. Mushroom Retreat Center offers the Mushroom Retreat for Mental Restoration, which combines psilocybin therapy with yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and other natural therapies to find clarity and direction. Studies have shown that psilocybin therapy can alleviate depression and provide insight to help people live purposeful lives. Here’s what one can expect from the retreat:

Magical Mushroom Ceremonies

The retreat features two powerful Magic Mushroom retreat ceremonies designed to reset the mind and provide insight. The retreat uses psilocybin therapy combined with natural spices and tea to enhance the mushrooms’ effects and prevent neurotransmitter breakdown. The retreats are held in a safe and supportive environment with a small group of like-minded people to create an environment for wellness and peer support toward a balanced life of purpose.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are effective tools for developing physical and mental balance. The retreat includes daily yoga classes suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. They also offer guided meditation sessions to help quiet the mind and connect with your inner self.


Breath work is a powerful meditation technique that uses controlled breathing to shift awareness and remove mental blocks. Enhanced by oxygen, it is one of the most powerful alternative experiences to psychedelics, and it also alkalizes the body as a secondary effect. The retreat includes breathing exercises designed to help individuals find their most important purpose in life.

Mimosa Hostilis DMT 

For those looking for a more intense experience, they also offer Mimosa Hostilis DMT treatment. This mild form of DMT treatment is optional and comes from a tree native to Mexico called Tepezcohuite.


Temazcal is an ancient sweat lodge used by indigenous tribes for spiritual and physical purification. The retreat includes a Temazcal ceremony led by an indigenous shaman who will guide the extraordinary experience of singing spiritual songs in his language and playing the handmade instruments of his tribe. In addition, the shaman offers an optional ayahuasca alternative to smoke.

Nutrition Training and Kitchen  

At Mushroom Retreat Center, they believe nutrition is a key factor in achieving optimal health and wellness. Therefore, the retreat also includes nutritious meals, anti-inflammatory juices, and organic teas to support the body’s natural detoxification process. They also offer nutrition counseling classes for developing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

In conclusion, a mental reset like the Magic Mushroom retreats at Mushroom Retreat Center can help one regain clarity and purpose. The retreat offers a powerful combination of psilocybin therapy, yoga, meditation, breath work, and nutritional coaching that can change your life. Contact us today and reserve your spot.

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