Clearer, Acne-Free Skin

A Guide to Getting Clearer, Acne-Free Skin


If you’re looking for a way to eliminate acne and achieve clearer skin, you’ve come to the right place. However, it’s worth noting that while there isn’t an instant solution, there are effective strategies that can help improve your skin over time.

From lifestyle changes to taking supplements from brands like Pure Encapsulations from Supplement First, here are tips to get clear, acne-free skin.

Don’t Pop Pimples

Popping pimples will disrupt the healing process and also increase the risk of additional pimples forming. It may also lead to permanent scarring.

So, even if it’s tempting to pop pimples, never do it. If you notice pimples draining, just keep the area clean.

The same goes for touching your face. Unless you are washing your face, avoid touching it, especially with unclean hands. Touching your face would end up depositing bacteria, dirt, and oils into your skin, leading to breakouts.

1. Wash Your Face Daily

It’s crucial to wash your face twice a day and more after sweating. If you leave sweat on your skin and allow it to dry, it can make acne worse. We recommend using gentle products and to wash with lukewarm water rather than hot water. Make sure you moisturize and wear sunscreen right after!

If you use tools or devices to help wash away dead skin cells, make sure you use gentle cleansing devices, like soft brushes.

2. Topical Medications

Topical medications can help people of any skin type with acne. Here are medicated products you can purchase:

Benzoyl peroxide

Salicylic acid

Topical retinoids

Azelaic acid


If over-the-counter products do not work for you, you may need medicated products, which your dermatologist will prescribe after a check-up.

3. Follow a Healthy Diet

You must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! Our cells will need water, especially our skin cells, which run the risk of losing moisture from the elements. Ever wondered why people who drink more water are less prone to breakouts?

Besides drinking enough water, it’s important to follow a healthy diet for your body to get all the necessary nutrients to maintain great health. Follow a diet rich in lean protein and plant foods, and cut out acne-triggering foods, like processed junk, dairy milk, sugar, and the like.

4. Take Supplements

Vitamin deficiencies may cause poor skin health, hormonal imbalance, and acne. It’s important to get enough nutrients, especially vitamin A and zinc, for better skin health.

You can take the appropriate supplements to meet your nutrient needs from brands like Designs for Health. But before you do, make sure you check with your doctor to determine what nutrients you need to take via supplementation.

5. Other Lifestyle Changes

Here are some habits you can change or improve to help with your skin health:

Get enough rest every night

Avoid smoking

Use natural makeup products

Reduce stress

Wrapping It Up

Don’t wait any longer and try following any of these tips to get acne-free skin!

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