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How to soothe facial redness.?


Redness on the face is a particularly unpleasant skin manifestation. Both uncomfortable and unsightly, skin redness is caused by various factors, such as cold, poorly adapted cosmetics, heat or even heredity. Discover all our tips to take care of your skin prone to redness and limit their appearance.

Where does the redness on the face come from?

Skin redness , or “face redness” can be the result of several factors. They can be the result of hyper-sensitivity of the skin, or be the symptom of a skin disease (rosacea, rosacea, acne, etc.).

The redness of the face comes from a hypersensitivity of the blood vessels at the level of the dermis. When they expand excessively, the skin takes on a pale pink, bright red or purplish red hue. Redness can appear on the entire face, or only concern a small part of it (cheeks, chin, sides of the nose or forehead). Although fair skin is the most affected, all skin types can be victims of this phenomenon.

Several skin pathologies can also lead to the appearance of redness. They  One of the skin diseases that cause redness is rosacea. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that usually manifests on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Several phases are observed. Phases 1 and 2 are characterized by erythema , accompanied by feelings of heat , and sometimes rosacea(dilated capillaries). In stage 3 and 4, acne-like skin lesions appear. Although it is more visible on light complexions, it can affect all skin types.

Acne can also cause redness. Red patches on the face can be the result of inflammation caused by acne pimples. Eczema and urticaria are also two skin pathologies that can be involved in the appearance of redness. In this case, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist in order to obtain the best advice for taking care of your skin. Special treatment may be necessary on the recommendations of the dermatologist .

How to calm facial redness naturally?

Does your skin show redness that you find unsightly? Fortunately, several solutions exist to calm the redness of the face . When not caused by a skin condition, skin redness can be the result of extreme dryness of the skin . This is why they are generally more visible on dry and sensitive skin.

To limit the risk of redness appearing on dry and sensitive skin, the best solution is to adopt a beauty routine adapted to the specific needs of this type of skin. Put away coarse-grained scrubs, overly aggressive soaps and all the gestures that involve rubbing your face. Instead, turn to gentle treatments formulated with natural ingredients.

Gently cleanse

When you have skin prone to redness, cleaning and removing make-up from your skin can quickly become a nightmare. Indeed, if the care and the gestures are not adapted, this step of the beauty routine can cause even more irritation and make the skin particularly fragile and uncomfortable .

To remove make-up and cleanse your skin without risk, use the Honey Cleansing Balm Condensed Paris. This Linseed Oil facial treatment is ideal for removing make-up and impurities while providing softness and comfort, even to dry and sensitive skin.

Soothe with lotion

Face lotion is also a great way to soothe irritation and combat the appearance of redness on a daily basis. This type of treatment completes the facial cleansing step and relieves the feeling of discomfort that may appear after being exposed to hard water.

To choose the right product, choose skincare formulated with natural ingredients. Paris Condensed Radiance Softness Lotion is the ideal treatment to soothe the skin and reduce skin redness. With Linden Flower and Mint extract , this facial treatment acts in depth by providing healing, nourishing and soothing properties.

Protect with appropriate care

To fight against redness, take the time morning and evening to moisturize and nourish your skin. Hydration and nutrition of the skin are essential to strengthen the hydrolipidic film , the barrier composed of water and lipids that protects your skin against external aggressions (cold, sun, pollution, wind, etc.) .

To compose your tailor-made beauty routine and reduce redness on the face, bet on serums and moisturizing creams that respond to the problems of sensitive skin. This is particularly the case with the Anti-Redness Soothing Concentrate and the Condensé Paris Calming Repairing Cream. Included in a regular skincare routine, this serum and moisturizer provide long- lasting results in reducing redness on the face and relieving the discomfort of dry and sensitive skin

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