Vaping is Popular among the Teens

Why Vaping is Popular among the Teens and What Should We Do about It?


Although people have been using e-cigarettes for many years now, the rates of vaping has increased recently, especially among teenagers. Now more than ever, people comfortably order vapes online, which is a good thing for us adults. But unfortunately, this convenience is not good news for some parents with teens who use vapes.

Should Parents be Worried?

One problem we have is that teens hear vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. To most of them, they just think vapes are flavor they can inhale for a pleasant gas. But unfortunately, some studies show that teens who vape are more likely to smoke cigarettes, which for us, parents, it’s a sensitive matter, unless we come up with a way to help them.

Why Teens Use Vapes

A recent survey shows that many American teens use vaping products. This survey also reveals that vaping is the leading factor that causes nicotine addiction and use. Because of that, a team of analyzers conducted a research to determine what results in this problem? What they discovered will surely surprise you. Here is what they discovered:

1.  Advertisements

There is a major concern that marketing of e-cigarettes is only targeted to smokers looking to stop smoking, and not to teenagers. But research shows that teenagers who have never vaped or smoked notices e-cigarette advertising at a higher rate than adults who vape or smoke.

2.  Flavors

The research also shows that some unregulated countries and vape stores use bright colors and variety of attractive flavors, like lemon tart and cotton candy to attract teens. Although FDA recently banned sales of some flavors, apart from tobacco and menthol, in cartridges and pre-packaged pods used in different rechargeable devices/kits. In response to this restriction, a couple of top brands have already stopped marketing and selling mint, fruit, and candy flavors.

3.  Increased Delivery of Nicotine

The nicotine that is protonated is often found in e-cigarettes, making them to have a higher nicotine absorption and smoother sensory effect than freebase nicotine products. Manufacturers achieve the goal by adding benzoic acid to e-liquids to make them acidic and much easier to inhale. This increased nicotine delivery entice teens and hook them to e-cigarettes.

Other Reasons

The FDA and CDC also pointed out several reasons making teens to use vaping products. These reasons revolve around the following:

  • Because a family member or friend used vaping products.
  • Doctors recommend chronic smokers to switch to vapes.

What’s the Solution?

The key is to break that ‘cool’ connection in way that will charm teens. One option is to use social media influencers. Usually, influencers carry credibility with teens by acting as social norms and trendsetters. Also, how films and media platforms, including video channels, depict vaping requires proper monitoring. Limiting this depiction and where it is presently by presenting it as bad behavior can help to discourage teens from vaping.

The bottom line is that we all have equal responsibilities to help protect our children against the use of vapes. We must ensure that the governing bodies set up rules and regulations for using and sellingvapes.  Plus, we have to monitor various products and create a comprehensive ordinance to protect teens.

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